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Mazzi 25th Anniversary Hand-Painted Collectible

Only 250 hand-painted artworks by Italian artist Claudio Mazzi will be released worldwide. Due to anticipated demand for these hand-crafted original pieces, orders will be limited to one per order.

More than a collectible. It's a work of art.

  • A Unique Work Of Art. 
    Mazzi transforms each Zippo with his vibrant airbrush technique.

Zippo Certified.

Each lighter is authenticated.


Limited Edition. 

Mazzi signs and numbers every one of the 250 hand-crafted pieces.  


About Claudio Mazzi

You may know of his partnership with Zippo but did you know these other facts about the artist?

Started his airbrushing business in 1985 after obtaining the title "Art Master" in graphics and photography.
Paints for private collectors and large companies from different sectors, notably Maserati Auto, Ferrari, and of course, Zippo.
Has designed pieces for the Prince of Wales and the King of Saudi Arabia.
In 2001 Mazzi created the Zippo Club Italia, a Zippo collectors club centered around Mazzi unique airbrushed artwork.
In April, 2021, Mazzi was one of four artists featured in Zippo's Artist Live Stream. Limited to only 250 lighters, his design sold out in 4 minutes!

Mazzi 25th Anniversary 540 Replica

Zippo is able to replicate Mazzi's intricate artwork - from his vivid pigment choices to the lifelike shading and dimensionality that are indicative of his style - in state-of-the-art 540 Color, allowing Mazzi's imaginative creations to fully envelope the lighter.

Claudio Mazzi designs and trademarks are used under license from Kreo di Mazzi, & C Snc. To Zippo Manufacturing Company. All Mazzi designs are protected by copyright.

Mazzi - logo signature